Uvac Special Nature Reserve


The Uvac Special Nature Reserve is a nature's masterpiece. Meandering over more than 20 kilometers, the Uvac River weaves its way through rock faces to form the second-deepest canyon in the country, after the one of the Tara. Its beauty is due as much to its stunning nature as to its unique meanders. A thick forest, adorned with a thousand of colors in autumn and spring, covers the surrounding massifs. Old mountains and deep valleys form a particularly impressive landscape. The entire area is classified as a nature reserve. Rare trees such as Pančić pine and weeping beech are protected here, as well as endangered animal species such as wolves and bears. But above all, more than 150 species of birds find refuge here. The emblematic figure of the Uvac canyon is the Griffon Vulture, an eagle that can reach 2.80 m wingspan, recognizable by its white head and brown plumage. Thanks to the action of nature conservation organizations, 80 couples have been protected here. You can see them spinning, wings out, around the meanders of the Uvac river and landing in a place that will always be inaccessible to humans ...

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