Djerdap National Park


Along the Danube towards Romania, one must discover the Djerdap National Park and its magnificent gorges. This national park of 63,000 ha and 100 km long starting from the town of Golubac, is made up of four successive gorges of 800 m high, interspersed with three deep ravines. The Danube widens as one goes deeper into these massifs of northeastern Serbia and is ending with the famous Iron Gates, an important aqueduct in Roman times which is today an impressive dam, where it reaches 147 m wide and 77 m deep. Among the many treasures of the national park, we must mention its 1,100 plant species and wild animals, such as bears, foxes, wolves, jackals and eagles. You will find on the way many archaeological remains such as the roman city of Viminacium, the site of Lepenski Vir and the Table of Trajan. The journey from Belgrade is remarkable passing through the towns of Smederevo and Golubac with their impressive fortresses. For 80 km, one can follow ever more breathtaking gorges and massifs!

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