Serbia has more natural beauties than one can imagine, five national parks, 22 nature reserves, rafting possibilities, beautiful waterfalls, fast clear rivers and more than 30 percent of the country is covered with dense mountain forests.

The natural beauty is only surpassed by the hospitality and cordiality of the inhabitants who will welcome you with open arms.

The landscapes range from endless plains of Vojvodina in the north which is the country’s breadbasket and wine cellar to the amazing mountains and gorges of the national parks in the south, west and east of this former Yugoslav republic.

Serbia has always been a crossroads where people and traditions of the East and West lived together, so its rich heritage is of great importance for understanding European and Middle Eastern cultures.

The legacies left by the Habsburgs and the Ottoman Turks can be seen in everything from the architecture to the cuisine and the language. You will experience a unique way of life in the heart of Europe. 

This makes traveling around Serbia even more interesting, because of its huge cultural and historical value, whether it is a trip for families, a romantic trip for two or when it comes to an extended weekend in one of the many natural oases or spas around the country.

Those who’ve ventured here in Serbia might have discovered the legendary nightlife of its capital, Belgrade, while others have joined the party at the Exit Festival in Novi Sad.

Then here comes the raucous madness that overwhelm with emotion the small town of Guča every year in August, whose trumpet festival has gained the reputation to be one of the most riotous events in Europe.

This is only a fraction of the story, you are welcome in Serbia to discover all its treasures!