Tara National Park


In the western part of Serbia, bordering the Drina river which separates the country from Bosnia, the Tara National Park is full of natural beauties. Located 162 km from the Serbian capital, this mountain range covers 19175 ha and is the host of the most important peaks in Serbia. Formed 600 million years ago, this group of young mountains was, for a long time, part of the Pannonian Sea. This explains its very irregular orography, with changing reliefs, but also a flora and fauna very rich in rare species. That's the reason why there are many deep valleys, such as the Brusnica or the Derventa, with impressive canyons, the most important is the one of the Drina. Finally, the two lakes (Perućac and Zaovine, located in the heart of the park) are of great beauty with their emerald green waters, a heaven of tranquility. You can hike on 18 different trails, for a total distance of 120 km. Among the rich fauna that populates this small green paradise, one can find goats, bears, lynxes, eagles and hawks. The massif also has various very valuable plant species, including the Serbian spruce. Take a ride aboard the Eight of Sargan and an excursion to the village of Drvengrad!
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