Where to go for the weekend is a question that awakens the imagination in the middle of a hard working week. If you have enough of everything, you are tired of everyday life and you are dreaming of a short break, the Vrdnik Spa is the perfect place! 

Clean mountain air, endless hiking trails, excellent wellness & spa hotels, swimming pools with thermal water are just some of the benefits that the spa offers.

Vrdnik Spa

Imagine relaxing in the warm waters while snowflakes fall on you and let me take you through this picturesque place.

How to get to the Vrdnik spa?

Tucked away in the center of the seemingly flat Srem, embraced by the mountainous Fruška Gora, the Vrdnik Spa is located at 240 m above sea level; its position provides a perfect climate.

It is called the white pearl of the Fruška Gora as in the spring, its blossoming orchards turns white, and in the winter, they are the first to be covered by a snow cover.

It is sunnier than in other places in Serbia; it is protected by mountains from strong winds, and imbued with the intoxicating scents of linden. It is one of the air spas, among which it is the youngest.

Banja Vrdnik is only 75 km away from Belgrade and is connected by good highways. You can easily reach it by bus or car.

In the vicinity of Vrdnik spa there are numerous picnic areas and places worth visiting.

Nearby sightings

In order for the relaxation in the thermal water to be complete we recommend some walking tours and excursions around the Vrdnik Spa which does not lack natural and cultural riches.

Vrdnik tower

Vrdnik itself was named after it. The tower is over 18m high and is located on the top of a fairly high hill, surrounded by dense forests through which leads a steep and narrow hiking trail at the end of which is a lookout with a spectacular view of Vrdnik and the surrounding area.

Vrdnik Tower

Although the climbing to the tower is not easy, the view is worth every effort.

Monastery Ravanica

The monastery is the soul of Vrdnik. The magnificent complex consists of a church and three residences, which are considered the most beautiful in Serbia.

Ravanica Monastery in Vrdnik- Balkan Trip Travel

A special splendor of the monastery is given by the iconostasis composed of 42 icons and the holy arc and because the relics of Lazarus are kept there. Every year, a large number of believers from all parts of the country come to visit the monastery.

Ethno village “Vrdnička kula”

A complex that awakens nostalgia for those good, old times. The traditional restaurant with ethno design, a real Vojvodina cuisine and waiters dressed in traditional costumes.

A real refreshment compared to the bright white sterile marble halls, starched white shirts… The special warmth of the complex is given by the log cabins with a fireplace, built of wood, which dominates the complex.

Natural material is the special thread between nature and ethno villages. The complex has a wellness and spa center that includes a sauna and a Jacuzzi for romantic moments for two.

Ethno Vrdnik

We would especially like to recommend the Cedar sauna, the only one in Serbia. The Cedar sauna is a large tub made of Siberian cedar, a special type of wood, which in combination with water vapor has a strong detoxifying effect on the body. The feeling when you get out of it is unreal.

The ethno village is especially suitable for families with small children.

Excursion sites

Brankovac is a picnic area only 10 km from Vrdnik, the most popular among tourists. It is characterized by a huge grassy area with benches, a summer house and a concrete barbecue. Created for family gatherings.

Letenka is in the center of the Fruška gora, where you will enjoy watching various wild animals for which the mountain is a natural habitat and which come to this place in packs.

Zmajevac is known for its magnificent view of the spa, but also over the Srem region.

Fruška gora is the protector of Vojvodina, the lungs of Vrdnik. The main “culprit” for the appetite you have while staying in the spa is its fresh and clean air. I didn’t breathe such clean air anywhere else in Serbia.

Fruška Gora Flats

Crossed by beautiful trails, rich in vineyards that stretch endlessly on the slopes of the hills, inhabited by various species of animals, overgrown with medicinal plants, the Fruška gora proudly bears the title of National Park.

It is a child’s dream. They can walk on footpaths, hang out with birds and animals, pick meadow flowers … Every child should spend at least one day in that paradise, surrounded by nature.

16 monasteries live peacefully on the slopes of the Fruška gora, among which the most famous are Hopovo, Jazak, Krušedol, so going to the Fruška gora can be considered a pilgrimage.

Fruška Gora Marathon

Every year the manifestation “In the footsteps of Dositej”, a Serbian writer and philosopher is organized. Of the other events, we would like to point out is the “Wine Days” in January, when the best wine and the best wineries are chosen, and the “Fruškogorski Marathon”, which is organized for Labor Day and lasts for two days (May 1. and 2.).

Vrelo Jazak is a source of mineral water located near the spa, in the village of the same name. It is special because it is on private property, but all intentional travelers are welcome. The porch is full of people who want to drink a glass of cold water directly from the source.

You can also go to Novi SadSremski Karlovci and what we recommend is not to miss Indjija and its outlet where you can find quality clothes at much better prices.

Vrdnik itself is a small place, a couple of drugstores, restaurants, pharmacies… It has everything you need. The locals are kind, always ready to meet. They say that whoever comes to the spa once, returns to it for sure. We were convinced of that. Try it yourself and let us know how it was!

The hotel we recommend:

Spa Resort and Hotel Fruške Terme 4*

This luxury spa hotel is located in a rural area on the edge of the Fruška Gora National Park1 km from the medieval Vrdnik Tower and 22 km from the Novi Sad.

This hotel is a real spa-lovers dream. From its amazing Aqua world through sport facilities and luxurious restaurants, it has everything. It has 8 outdoor and indoor pools with thermo-mineral water with temperatures from 29 to 30°C. The spa offer is incredible and it is over 10,000m2.

The spacious and comfortable rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows and Wi-Fiflat-screen TVs and mini-fridges, as well as balconies or terraces. The elegant one-bedroom apartments also have living rooms, hot tubs and steam baths.

Hotel Fruške Terme

The spa has a gym, 12 saunas and steam baths. Other facilities include a restaurant, some tennis courts and a rope court, as well as a conference center which can host over 1000 participants. Room service and parking are available.