Palić Spa

Set on a strata of loess and sand, Palic Lake and Spa is situated in the northern Backa in the region of Vojvodina, 186 km north of Belgrade and 8 km east of Subotica, a beautiful city with its secessionist architecture style. Palic lake is the largest natural lake in Serbia, and the first records of it date from the 15th century where it is mentioned under the name Pali.

Palic lake was salty once, so that salt used to be extracted from it. In 1780 Janosh Gottfried Liebertrauth, the main doctor of Backa region pointed to the high content of salt in the lake’s water, indicating its healing ability. In 1823, it was dscovered that the lake contained healing water. Few decades later, in 1856, the first chemical analysis of the water confirmed this presumption. The first hot bath was built at the lake shore in 1845, and Palic became a Spa.

In the middle of the 19th century, a beautiful park was planted at the lake’s north bank and the first hotels were built. Wealthy people from Subotica raised their villas and summer houses. Since 1897, a picturesque and comfortable tram used to run from Subotica to Palic, giving a special charm to this known summer resort. The Palic Spa flourished at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1912, when the famous Town Hall was opened in Subotica, the Palic Spa got its attractive Big Terrace.

Palić Big Terrace

The Palic Lake’s water is sulphureous, alkaline, muriatic (24°G) and contains lithium and rubidium used in curing rheumatic and nervous diseases. The lake mud is also curative since strontium is its main constituent, helping in healing broken bones. It is for that reason that medical treatment in this Spa is conducted by bathing in heated water (hot bath) and by applying bandages or heated mineral mud (mud bathing). Electro-therapy and massage are also used in medical treatments.

Palić Lake

Today, the Palic Lake is the favourite picnic place not only for the habitants of Subotica, but also for those from the entire Vojvodina and other parts of Serbia, as well as an attractive natural healing place settled at 102 m altitude.

The Palic Lake offers possibilities for recreation, various water sports and nice strolls in the spacious park with beautiful flower beds and lawns. It has pools with thermal water, tennis courts, athletics track and beautiful landscaped beaches on the shores of lake. There is a well-equipped zoo as well. This spa contains mineral waters that are used to treat rheumatism, skin diseases, sciatica, nervous and gynecological diseases, as well as the diseases of the digestive tract.

Bathing in the warm waters of the different available spas is also pleasing to healthy people. Each spa has a different water composition as well as a specific temperature that is more suitable for certain diseases.

The following diseases are primarily treated:
– Various forms of rheumatism (chronic, acute);
– Skin diseases (infections, eczema);
– Digestive tract diseases;
– Nervous diseases;
– Gynecological problems;
– Spine problems (sciatica);

Water therapies are performed in two ways: by drinking medicinal water or by bathing in warm water. Depending on the disease, adequate therapy will be selected and provided. Peloid therapy is also used here by applying a mud wrap. The waters of the Palic Spa contain lithium and rubidium, and the mineral sludge contains strontium, so they are very suitable for the treatment of rheumatic and nervous diseases, as well as bone healing after fractures. The water temperature is pleasant and around 25 ° C.

The stay in Palic Lake & Spa offers to its visitors many fun and sports activities such as sailing, fishing, rowing on the lake, athletic tracks, tennis, and of course outdoor and indoor swimming pools with thermal healing waters.

There are several guesthouses and hotels that offer excellent and comfortable accommodation. Don’t miss the restaurant Mala Gostiona, which has a tradition of 160 years, it will enchant you with its specialties. Considering that Palic is located next to Subotica, a city rich in numerous cultural and historical monuments as well as an incredible architecture, having a stay there can be a very interesting adventure.

Palić Zoo

For all animal lovers, you will enjoy the visit of the Zoo. It has received most of its animals as a gift from the Belgrade Zoo. It is located in the center of Palic and covers an area of ​​10 hectares. It is the home to over 65 species of animals, including various birds, larger mammals, several primates, and attractive specimens of tarantulas and snakes… It is located within a large park filled with beautiful vegetation. It has over 270 different types of trees, conifers, deciduous trees. In addition to centuries-old oaks, the park is adorned with rare plants such as larch, redwood and Lebanese cedar. This whole ambience is nice and extremely pleasant for family trips.

Palić Mounument

When staying in Palic Lake and Spa, we recommend to visit the following places nearby:
Subotica, with its austro-hungarian architecture and many cultural-historical sites;
Ludosko Lake, a natural reserve on a sandy terrain with spacious vineyards and orchards (the tradition of growing vine in these areas is two thousand years old);
Horgos, a known centre for red paprika and tobacco growers;
Hajdukovo, a nearby village where you can visit the only farm of ostrich in Serbia;
– You can also have a tour in the neighbouring Hungary.

How to find the Palic Lake & Spa? Easy! You don’t even need a map for that. From Belgrade, you go to Subotica by highway, and at the last exit before the Serbo-hungarian border you will reach Palic Lake. It is situated 8 km away from Subotica and 18 km from the border with Hungary.